The need for effective and economical writing skills is as important today as it ever was, whether we communicate electronically or on paper. John's writing and drafting courses typically comprise half-day modules and cover these areas:

  • Writing in plain English
  • Drafting legal documents
  • Writing for the press and business development
  • Business emails
  • Grammar and spelling crash course
Benefits of Writing & Drafting Training

This course can be adapted to the relevant skill level and is recommended for everyone from new solicitors to new partners. John can offer this training to groups or individuals as a coach.

"John was an excellent presenter. He made people feel relaxed and able to interact. The course material is good and at an appropriate level."

"My highlights included reminding me how long I should spend on planning/writing/reviewing and The Word Document Readability Tool - I'll definitely be using this!"

Feedback from Business Writing Course for Health Company in Edinburgh