Making presentations comes naturally to some people - and strikes terror into the hearts of many more! Proper planning and preparation are key to mastering the art of the effective presentation - but there is no substitute for practising aloud, and John's presentation masterclass provides plenty of opportunity for doing this. Typically lasting either a day or half a day (depending on class size) the course covers:

  • The optimum structure for an effective presentation
  • Use of visual aids
  • Vocal projection
  • Body language
  • Ironing out distractions
  • Handling questions
  • Combating nerves
Benefits of Presentation Skills Training

This Presentation Skills Course is recommended for everyone that has to present either to clients or an internal audience. Trimbos Training will give you the presentation skills to win and keep attention, appear confident and interesting and deliver your message successfully.

"The presentational style was friendly and interactive. The content was relevant and the presenter tried to pick up on areas of issue and adapted appropriately. I would definitely recommend the course and the presenter."

Presentation Skills Course Participant - Scotland