This is another sprawling subject. It is ideally run as a one day masterclass, although the course can be broken down into its constituent components for shorter sessions. Typical topics would be:

  • Principles of equal opportunities legislation
  • Contents of an effective equal opportunities policy
  • Management techniques for promoting diversity in the workplace
  • Building blocks of national cultures
  • Corporate cultures
  • Doing business with people from other cultures
  • Managing people from other cultures
  • Sensitising yourself to your own cultural outlook - and how to see the world through the eyes of others
Benefits of Cultural Awareness and Diversity Training

At one level Cultural Awareness and Diversity Training can help your organisation fulfil its legal requirements in this area. In addition this course can prepare your organisation for globalisation, for doing business with people from diverse cultures.

"John made quite a dry subject interesting by using case studies and injecting humour into the training.
Mr Trimbos held my attention and I found his style amusing. I enjoyed his examples. Certainly made me think!"

Solicitors, London